Are Smart Thermostats Worth Purchasing?

Have you ever wondered if a smart thermostat is worth purchasing? No doubt, your heating supplier has talked about smart heating and tried to sign you up to the service. Sometimes with modern innovations, it is difficult to understand if the benefits are good enough for you to make that final decision. There are some great advantages to purchasing a smart thermostat such as the NEST model, which we will be going into now:

Why Should I Get a Smart Thermostat? 

Track Your Energy Usage

A NEST smart thermostat will offer a way to track your energy usage, providing handy benefits. It allows you to build up information and monitor your energy usage over a given period of time to see how that could affect your overall household bills. This is something that is very handy for budgeting reasons throughout the year.

Minimise The Energy Costs

Which brings us on to this point, with smart heating, you can make significant energy cost savings over a 12 month period. It makes things easier to adjust, increasing your chances of having lower energy costs. For example, a smart thermostat makes it easy to schedule a HVAC unit (air conditioning/boiler) to not run when you are out and only to be active when there are people home. This gives the user so much more freedom of control then when operating only with traditional thermostats.

The exact savings that can be expected from smart heating will vary from household to household, but NEST, for example, claims their smart thermostat will save 15 per cent on cooling costs and 10 to 12 per cent on heating costs.

Allows You Control Over Your Thermostat Remotely 

Another advantage of installing smart heating is that it gives the household the chance to control the temperature of the home remotely. This means that you can help ensure your home is either warmed enough or cooled enough for when you or any other member of the household gets home. This can all be done remotely, so even if you have forgotten to programme a schedule, you can still make the changes when you think of it. 

A smart thermostat can also send you alerts to let you know if the interior temperature of your home has fallen below or above any preset levels. This is very handy as it means you can keep an eye on your house even when you are not home.

There are plenty of advantages of installing a smart thermostat in your home. Smart heating offers a more accurate service that will help you use less energy and save more costs in the long run. They are well worth looking into, providing benefits for your wallet with the money saved, as well as environmental benefits where they encourage household users to use less energy and not waste it when it is not needed.

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