Top 10 Gifts For A Handyman | Essential Presents Every Man Needs

The family handyman is likely to be flooded with DIY related gifts at Christmas. A lot of the time they end up with clothing, guides, and tools which end up buried in their workshop. Coming up with the top 10 gifts for a handyman can be a big challenge if you have no idea about their preferences. But if you find the right gift it can be more meaningful and useful for the both of you. These ten gifts listed below are sure to make any handyman happy.

1.   Clamp Lamp Light

A straight clamp light is useful for any handymans workshop but is also great for photographers and painters. 

2.   Field Notebook

The field notebook is useful as it gives DIYers a place in which they can doodle, write ideas, and solve various problems. The book’s durability and small size make them great for use in studios and workshops.

3.   Work Gloves

Gloves gain heavy wear and repairs or replacements are often needed due to the high usage from jobs. Plus, people will always appreciate a fresh and clean pair of gloves.

4.   Wrench Crescent Multi-Tool

Multi-tools containing wrench crescents are sometimes hard to find. This is frustrating because they can make a significant difference in many jobs. It is a unique and useful gift that most amateur DIY enthusiasts may not already own!

5.   LED Vision Headlamp Beanie

An LED headlamp can be a lifesaver during cold and dark months. This is a gift that is not just perfect for a handyman, it is also very useful for fishers, bikers, and night time joggers.

6.   The Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

Gifting your favourite DIYer the Complete Do-it Yourself Manual is the best way to guarantee your present gets plenty of use. Although it was originally published in 1973, it has been rewritten over time to remain current, and is perfect for every skill level.

7.   Durable Work Apron

If you’ve spotted an old torn apron hanging up in their workshop, then they may be in need of a new high-quality apron to replace it. A new apron will offer better durability and they can be found at affordable prices.

8.   Leatherman Multitool

This is the sort of tool that will make you wonder how you ever completed a job without it. This is a great present to give as it is something that can be on them all the time and something they can start to rely on.

9.   Tool Kit

A tool kit is great for all handyman requirements and a perfect gift for people wanting to try their hand at DIY. They are of high-quality and will surprise you with the amount of uses and tools that it has.

10.  Work Boots

Work boots are a vital piece of any DIYers equipment. Steel toe-capped boots can help save a broken toe or foot if anything were to fall onto the boots. Work boots can often wear heavily or may require cleaning often to wear at a different job, so providing another pair can help them greatly.



These are some of the great gift ideas that are perfect for any handyman or handywomen you know. These are just some of the affordable, durable and unique gift ideas which will hopefully put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas. It is also important to remember that such tools listed are great for a lot of DIY scenarios, but there are still situations where professional services are always best. For instance, tv aerial installations


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