A empty tool bag with only a select few tools.

Top 8 Tools You Need In Your Tool Bag

One of the first pieces of advice your parents give as a child is to use “the right tool for the right job”. As we grow into adults, we accumulate tools, some we need, some we use once, then disregard. To create a tool bag that covers all bases takes time, but it also takes knowledge. We’ve got the latter, so you can save the former.

Here we’re going to look at the 8 main tools every tool bag needs to cover almost all of the jobs you can expect to do in your home. We’re not going to give you a vague idea on what to buy, we want to give you the specific tools you’ll need. All of them have been carefully selected for their quality, price, and usability. Let’s start with….


a builder thinking about what tools he needs to use


1. T39077-180 Redline VDE Electrician’s Pliers

These pliers have an ergonomic design so feel great to use. The grips are also anti-slip, so they won’t fall out of your sweaty hands when you’re trying to defuse an explosive (or, more likely, stripping wires in your bedroom). The cutting jaws of the pliers have been engineered for precise performance and made with special alloy steel. The steel has been drop forged, hardened and tempered to ensure they last.


2. CK 357003 Anti-Vibration Claw Hammer (16oz)

A hammer is essential for any tool bag, and this one is a superb example. The head is made from drop forged steel with a high carbon content that has been hardened and tempered to give it strength and durability. Not only is it fantastic at pounding nails, but the claw will also help you remove them too. The fibreglass shaft contains the real star of the show; a contoured anti-vibration grip for your comfort. If you need a hammer, this really hits the nail on the head. Literally.


3. CK Tools 492001 Electricians Scissors (140mm)

Scissors might seem like a strange thing for a tool bag, but these are no ordinary scissors. When you’re working on cables, electricians know the value of being able to quickly and precisely sheer them, so these are very much needed. With micro-serrated stainless steel, self-sharpening blades, these little scissors are an essential addition to your kit.


4. AV02012 Avit Heavy Duty Tape Measure 7.5mm / 25ft

As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”. That said, you might find yourself measuring so many more times with this heavy-duty tape measure from Avit. Whether you want to take quick measurements or large scale ones, this is for you. Designed for even the most heavy-duty jobs, this tape can be locked in place with fingertip controls, has a textured cover to make it easier to hold, even in gloves and can reach up to 25 metres in length. And they say size isn’t important!


5. CK Tools T0836A Mini Hacksaw

What would a tool bag be without a hacksaw? Certainly not a complete one! This mini hacksaw is perfect for small jobs. With a broad handle for comfort, a cast aluminium frame for strength and an adjustable blade for cutting at any angle, this would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s inventory.


6. CK Tools T3482 Pocket Spirit Level 210mm

Ensuring the materials you work on is level is a key part of any task. Whether it’s putting up shelves, hanging doors or pasting wallpaper, the level is key. To get that, you need a spirit level. This pocket-sized level has a tough ABS plastic body to protect it against stoppage, a magnetic base for steelwork, and a V-groove base for pipework. It also has a detachable mini level to help with those little fiddly jobs that would be too small for the full-size version.


7. CK Tools T4366 200mm Adjustable Wrench

No tool bag should be without an adjustable wrench. It helps you out of any number of difficult situations, so it’s essential. This 200mm variety is perfect for you, thanks to its precision engineering and the highly adjustable wrench/spanner. The jaw is 21% wider than standard wrenches, but also slimline for use in confined spaces. The measurement on the face helps you easily select the size you need without the need for guesswork.


8. CK Tools T48344-040 Stubby VDE Slim Screwdriver SL4.0

Screwdrivers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but don’t judge any of them by their size. This stubby screwdriver is VDE certified and comes with a slim shafted chrome vanadium blade. It allows you to access recessed screws and fittings with ease. With an overall length of just 106mm, this is a lot of tools for a little price.


If you would like to find out about more of our handy tools here at DTR Electrical Supplies, why not head over to our Hand Tools page or alternatively, get in touch today to speak to one of the professionals on 01604 981252.