switching from normal light bulb to energy saving LED light bulb

LED Lighting | Why Should I Switch to LEDs?

Sometimes people can be a little sceptical when they’re told to purchase an alternative version of something because it’s better than the traditional option. And a newer version is not always better in every instance. However, when it comes to LED lighting, they do have benefits over their traditional counterparts that are hard to ignore. Let’s now take a look at some of these advantages.

Advantages of Switching to LED Lighting

Better for the Environment

One of the biggest reasons for the push to get behind LED Lighting is because it’s a much more environmentally friendly option. LED bulbs are very energy efficient, with 80-90% efficiency. This means 80-90% of its energy is turned into light rather than heat. This is in contrast to incandescent bulbs that lose 80% of their energy as heat and have only 20% efficiency.

LED lights also do not contain any form of toxic compounds or elements. These bulbs are fully recyclable and if you were to keep up the habit of using them you would reduce your carbon footprint by a third. Material and production costs are saved because the LED bulbs last for such a long time.


Switching up the light bulbs to LED light bulbs


Even if you compare the prices of bulbs and see that LED bulbs cost more to buy initially, in the long run, you still save over old-fashioned style alternatives because LED lights last longer. Much longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs. At the very minimum, an LED bulb should last around 35,000 hours with some going for up to 100,000 hours.


Better Quality

The good thing about an LED light bulb is that it does not burn out over time. As it’s nearing the end of its life it will not dim either, unlike halogens and incandescents do.


Not Just for Indoor Use

LED light bulbs are not just perfect for indoor usage. They can work with low-voltage which means they’re also the perfect choice for camping and garden rooms. They can also operate in very cold climates and remain reliable in the cold.


LED Lights are Very Strong

These bulbs are made with sturdy materials and can stand up to harsh conditions such as tough weather, vibrations and abrasion.


They Have Very Little Emissions

LED bulbs are a good choice for storage facilities such as cupboards. They will not degrade any materials you store in the same area with UV light or excess heat.


They Get Bright Quick

As soon as you turn an LED bulb on, they appear at their full brightness. You don’t have to wait a few seconds like some of the other bulbs.


Good Design Flexibility

Another good thing is that an LED bulb can be placed and combined in all sorts of ways to create illumination. Manufacturers can play around with shades, brightness levels and the distribution of light to create a wide range of design ideas. This means that LED lighting can be made into lots of attractive, unique and interesting designs with many effects.


If you did had any doubts before, hopefully, now you can see that LED lighting does have some very good benefits. It makes sense to change up all your old bulbs in favour of better, more efficient LED lighting. If you’d like to find out more about we can help you switch your home lighting to LED lights, get in touch on 01604 981252 or head over to our contact form to submit an enquiry.